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Severe toothache!

A severe toothache can be really painful and it hinders you from performing your daily routine properly.

Toothache can be sharp, throbbing, pricking type or you can also have generalized pain in mouth which can be hard to pinpoint. Your mouth becomes sore and tender, indicating that you have to make an appointment at a dental office as soon as possible.

Pain in the tooth can be due to any decay, abscess, fracture, damaged filling, grinding of teeth or any other infection in the gums. Toothache if left untreated can cause a serious issue and can be difficult to treat later.

Meanwhile to relief tooth pain you can use over the counter pain relievers like paracetamol, ibuprofen, place an ice pack, have lukewarm salt water rinses.

Since a thorough identification is necessary for proper treatment plan, your dentist will first obtain the medical history and conduct a physical exam and ask you about your tooth pain, such as when did it started, its severity and location, what makes it worse and what better. X-rays as well as other tests might be taken, depending on what your dentist suspects.

Depending on the diagnosis your dentist will start the treatment accordingly. To prevent it you should maintain proper oral care and have regular visits to the dental office at least twice a year.



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