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Periodontology: This department deals with the treatment of your gums, bone and tissue surrounding your teeth.
Some of the treatments included are non- surgical periodontal procedures (like scaling and root planing,
deep pocket cleanings), soft tissue removal, gum graft surgeries, hard tissue contouring, crown lengthening, implant replacement, laser treatment, and cosmetic gum treatments.

In scaling and root planing procedures your dentist will carefully clean the crown and root surfaces of the teeth and deep gum pockets to remove tar-tar, plaque buildup and bacterial toxins and smooth out the tooth surfaces, your dentist might use hand held or ultrasonic instruments or both to perform it depending on your condition.

The dental surgeon can do Cosmetic surgery procedures to improve uneven gum line or gummy smile and to re-contour bone structure around the tooth.

A periodontist / general dentist who regularly do such procedures will perform Gum graft surgeries to prevent further gum recession and bone loss around tooth or dental implant.

Your surgeon can also use lasers to treat periodontal diseases, lengthening of crown, contouring gum lines and other cosmetic periodontal procedures; they require minimal suturing, lower dose of local anesthesia and help gum tissues heal faster.

Your dental care provider will recommend Post treatments instructions and medications as with any dental procedure for maintaining gum health.

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