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Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric DentistryPediatric Dentistry:It mainly focuses on the preventive and corrective dental care measures for children, teenagers & educating parents about the proper oral hygiene techniques and creating a comfortable, healthy experience for the patient.

It deals with oral health screenings, prophylaxis procedures, cavity detection and treatment by restoring the affected tooth with a dental filling, preventive measures like fluoride application and pit and fissure sealants application on recently erupted permanent molars and premolars, extraction of teeth and all other minor and major surgical procedures, early detection of growth abnormalities of jaws and teeth like crowding or misalignment of teeth, protruded or retruded jaws in children and adolescent, reducing anxiety by use of sedation like laughing gas during dental procedures.

The dentist will educate the parents on preventive care, oral hygiene measures, habits which cause misalignments like thumb sucking, use of pacifiers and habit breaking appliances, care for children with special needs, counseling on proper diet and nutrition on how to minimize sugar consumption and following proper diet plan, emergency dental care, management of space due premature loss of milk tooth by using space maintainers and preventive orthodontics, braces and dento-facial orthopedics, management of patient with cleft lip and palate, comprehensive oral rehabilitation.

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