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Cleaning between your Teeth

Plaque and tar-tar constantly forms in between your teeth, it doesn’t matter how thoroughly you brush your teeth few areas of our mouth especially between teeth are not properly cleaned by regular tooth brushing; if it’s not thoroughly cleaned it can lead to accumulation of bacteria and food residue which can cause gum diseases, cavities and other health problems.

It is recommended that you clean your teeth interdentally at least once a day, either in morning or evening, it’s completely up to you.

Each one of us has different needs and routine, depending upon your comfort you can use a dental floss, proxa brush / interdental brush, tooth picks, water floss.

A dental floss is a soft thread mostly made of plastic or nylon; it comes in a variety of flavors and different widths. You can wrap it around your fingers or use a floss holder; is also available with a handle attached to it.
Proxa brushes are tiny brushes and are available in different sizes to perfectly fit in the gaps between your teeth. Most of us find it easier to clean with them compared with a dental floss.

Water flossers are the devices that use compressed air and push tiny, micro water droplets between your teeth and help remove plaque and bacteria. It is even good for those who have braces and dental implants.

You should not stop your oral care routine even if you notice that your gums soar and bleed, it might be a sign of gum disease, if you do not notice any improvement, then it’s time to take an appointment at your dental office.



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