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Oral Contraceptives & Dental Health

Oral Contraceptives & Dental Health

It is a known fact that during pregnancy a woman’s gum could easily get inflamed and bleed on even slight provocation. While you are taking oral contraceptives, your body thinks that you are pregnant and these hormonal changes might compromise gum health.

You might experience inflammation of gum tissue due to your body’s exaggerated response to the toxins produced by plaque and tartar.

Women having birth control pills are also at higher risk of suffering from dry socket after wisdom tooth extraction.

So to protect your dental health, maintain your regular visits to the dental office to check on oral hygiene maintenance, don’t brush teeth aggressively, and remember to floss with a ‘C’ shaped motion, have a healthy diet pattern, and pick a contraceptive pill which has least impact on the dental health.

It does not take long for any dental problem to become irreversible, if you are not healthy to begin with, then things might get pretty complicated for you health wise.

There is one more reason to inform your dental care provider that you are on birth control pills as certain formulations could reduce the effect of contraceptives. You must always remember to inform any health care provider about the medications and dosage taken so that they can properly plan out your treatment.



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