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Tongue splits, piercings and oral health

Cosmetic body modifications like tongue splits and oral piercings, a common form of self-expression may look cool but can lead serious oral health issues as well.

These regular body modifications can cause chipping of teeth, receding gums, irregularities in teeth alignment, infections, scarring, drooling, loss of taste sensation, blood loss, nerve damage, hypersensitivity to metal around the piercing site, difficulty in breathing and swallowing and so on.

It’s important to consult your dental care provider before you plan out on having such types of body modifications. Take care that these procedures should be done by professionals using properly sterilized instruments.

It is best to avoid any type of body modifications, but if you plan to have tongue splits or piercings procedures done on you or already have them, always remember to consult your dentist to keep a check on your oral health status.

Furthermore, always maintain proper oral hygiene, especially near the body modification site and rinse your mouth thoroughly after every meal. In case of any type of pierced jewelry try avoid the urge of clicking it in between your teeth or bite down hard on it, remove them during sports and wear mouth-guards.

Similarly, if you notice any of the signs of infection like pain, swelling, redness or rash in that area then immediately contact your dental care provider at Smile Dental.



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