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Electric vs. manual toothbrush

You might have always wondered whether electric toothbrushes are as good as or better than your regular manual toothbrushes.While brushing teeth is the foundation for maintaining your oral hygiene, both electric and manual toothbrushes have been found to be equally effective to remove plaque and food debris. Both the types have their own pros and cons over the other.Electric toothbrushes work by vibrating or rotating each time you brush your teeth, furthermore these vibrations allow more micro movements to help remove plaque easily from tooth surface. So it’s the best choice for people having limited movement like in arthritis or other developmental disabilities.Manual toothbrushes, whereas require good brushing technique and are difficult to use by people with certain disabilities.

Compared with electric toothbrush manual toothbrush is cost effective, does not require charging or batteries, it is much easier to replace if it gets lost.

So when it all comes down to your oral hygiene routine, it’s not the brush but the one who brushes decides the type better for them. Whatever your preference is remember to brush your teeth at least twice a day for not more than two to three minutes and maintain your regular visits to one of our dental facilities of Smile Dental group.



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