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Tooth Coloured Braces


As per aesthetic concern clear, tooth colored braces are evolved in orthodontic teeth corrections. These are made of clear ceramic which are alternative to metal braces. These are least noticeable, which makes you smile with confidence. Tooth colored braces can be used with traditional wire or advanced tooth colored wire. Treatment period of orthodontic teeth corrections with tooth colored braces may vary on an average of 12-24 months with regular checkup and adjustment intervals on an average 8-12 weeks.

Advantages of using tooth colored braces :
• These are tooth colored and easily blends with natural tooth.
• These are made of strong ceramic and so are durable.
• These are aesthetically pleasing increasing confidence to carry out regular social activates.

Maintenance of tooth colored braces :
• Proper oral hygiene maintenance is must.
• It is advisable to brush teeth under treatment every time after meal.
• Inter dental brushes and dental floss can be used to clean irregularly aligned teeth.

Biting hard on chewy foods may damage or dislodges these tooth colored braces from tooth surface, so better avoid hard chewy foods.

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