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Botox in dental office!

Botox in dental office!

botoxBotox is the trade name for botulinum toxin and comes in form of purified protein.

It is mostly used in dentistry to treat spasm of jaws, bruxism & clenching which causes trauma to teeth and gums, neurological disorders like trigeminal neuralgia which affects facial muscles causing severe pain.

It is also used for complementing aesthetic dentistry cases, as an alternative for surgical treatment of high lip line cases (gummy smile), lip augmentation, for patients

who have trouble to adjust new dentures, in orthodontic cases where training of facial muscles is required & to improve the appearance of dynamic facial wrinkles.

Muscles injected with botox can be sore for few days and can cause temporary weakness of injected muscles.

Botox therapy if used for longer duration of time might cause atrophy of muscles injected which is reversible if the treatment is discontinued.

It’s not recommended for you if you are allergic to any botulinum toxin preparation or if there’s infection at proposed injection site.

The needles used for botulinum toxin injections are very small, so pain is usually minimal.

Botulinum toxin Cosmetic has been available by prescription in the United States since the FDA approved it in 2002.

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